French Montana’s reputation as a rapper in the hip-hop community keeps rising as he adds his own distinctive flavor to the industry. However, Montana has recently found himself in trouble as he was involved in a shooting while filming a music video. And now the Miami Gardens Police are blaming him for failing to obtain permits for his video production, which resulted in the shooting disaster that left 10 people wounded.

Delma Noel-Pratt, the police chief for Miami Gardens, recently pinned the blame for the horrific incident and violence on the rapper and his group. According to Delma, investigators have discovered that French and Co., the event’s organizers, did not submit an application for the required permits for the video production, which is against city regulations.

“As a result of this disregard of the procedures, the unauthorized music video production led to an unfortunate situation.

If the necessary agencies were notified ahead of time and protocol followed, police officers would have been in place to safeguard the community and assist with deterring and responding, if needed, to any situation that may arise.”

French does not agree with all these and has a totally differing opinion as he claimed  he was not filming a music video; rather, he was “celebrating the release of my CB6 mixtape w/ friends at a local restaurant.” He claimed that when the shooting happened, they were simply in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

As previously reported by TMZ, the violence outside The Licking restaurant on Thursday night resulted in at least 10 people being shot. All of the victims are anticipated to make a complete recovery. Fortunately, French escaped unharmed. Police have not identified any suspects or discovered the case’s intent. As the investigation is currently ongoing, stay tuned to Thirsty to get the latest updates.

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