Spider-Man is one of the biggest superhero movie franchises to exist. It has produced some great stories and even better villains. However, one piece of concept art has identified a crucial antagonist for the series.

Peter Parker and Doctor Strange unintentionally release a squad of Multiversal supervillains on the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It introduced a collection of former villains who appear in the same timeline. Now, illustrator Phil Langone has revealed that Michael Keaton’s Vulture would have appeared in the film.

Phil Langone has revealed some new storyboards for the Sony Pictures threequel. Despite the fact that we can’t see the villain’s face, he is donning his recognizable fur-collared jacket. Langone verifies his identity in the comments.

“This location for the Norman betrayal changed a few times. Even after drawing it a few different ways I was still surprised by where it ended up. And some of the characters changed, too. There were also a lot more police in the first few passes which you can see here.”

Only Toomes, Sandman, and Dock Ock are depicted in the artwork. We don’t know if Vulture was supposed to be added in place of one of the other characters. For all we know, there could have been six villains in the film, but only five were seen.

There are two main explanations for why Keaton might have appeared in the movie’s concept art but not in the final product. The first of these is that Keaton’s character was not officially a Multiverse villain. On the other hand, as the series’ executive producer, Keaton would not have been able to take time off to work on a Spider-Man sequel.

We can anticipate a fourth installment following Spider-Man: No Way Home’s $1 billion global blockbuster. It remains to be seen if Vulture will be one of the primary characters.

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