Ezra Miller was constantly embroiled in legal issues throughout 2022. The Flash actor gave tons of headaches to Warner Bros. regarding their upcoming movie. The studio even considered the project’s cancelation at one point. It looks like Ezra Miller and The Flash movie are now back in the game.

According to Variety, some Warner Bros. Discovery officials are still prepared to work with Miller. Their ability to remain out of trouble after beginning mental health treatment last summer has reopened the door for him to reprise his role as The Flash in the future.

Due to legal concerns this summer, many rumors indicated that Warner Bros. was intending to break ways with Miller for future DC films. The company was also reportedly contemplating a variety of scenarios for the future Flash film, including canceling it entirely.

In August, Miller apologized for their recent behavior, saying they were dealing with complicated mental health concerns. They reportedly visited with WB Discovery officials to save the Flash movie as part of his apology tour. Miller allegedly reaffirmed their dedication to the film during the encounter, calling The Flash one of their favorite characters to play.

Miller reportedly returned to set for The Flash reshoots in October, indicating that WB was still planning to release the film. The film’s release date has just been pushed back one week to June 16, 2023. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more.

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