Jeremy Renner was recently involved in a serious snow plow accident. The Hawkeye actor is seriously injured and unable to move. Renner recently shared a wholesome moment from his time in the intensive care unit.

Jeremy Renner recently took to his Instagram Story and shared a video from the ICU. The video featured his mother and sister supporting him from his hospital bed. Renner’s sister can be seen in the video rubbing his head and making her brother giggle while their mother watched on during what the actor described as a “spa moment to lift my spirits.”

ICU SPA MOMENT TO LIFT MY SPIRITS. Thank you mama, thank you sister, thank all for you for your love.

Renner indicated that the “spa moment” served as his first time bathing since the snowplow accident. “First shower in definitely a week or so. Gross!” Renner’s Instagram Story post was his second since he got airlifted from his home to a hospital on Sunday and underwent surgery on Monday.

The actor also posted an Instagram selfie from his hospital bed thanking fans and supporters for their support in the aftermath of his injuries. Several of Renner’s friends and co-stars have wished him well in his recovery, including Evangeline Lilly, Hailee Steinfeld, and Chris Hemsworth. You can check out Renner’s Instagram Story video below.

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