Miley Cyrus has a huge fan following and continues to make excellent music. But Cyrus now appears to be taking a dig at her ex-husband as she is about to release a new heartbreak anthem on his birthday.

The singer took to her social media to announce that “Flowers” would be released on January 13. She didn’t specify that it is actually Liam’s birthday on that day but it’s a known fact. Cyrus posted a short clip from the track, in which you can hear her singing the line “I can love me better,” as well as posters that had been put up all over the world with messages like “I can hold my own hand” and “I can buy myself flowers.”

Some of her fans expressed excitement for Miley’s new music in the comments section while some pointed out the hidden fact. “Not on Liam’s birthday as she should,” one user wrote.

Miley and Liam first got to know one another in 2009 while filming the love interest scenes for the movie “The Last Song.” They continued dating for years and first got engaged in 2012 before breaking it off the following year.

After finally getting married in 2018, Liam filed for separation the following year. Miley even acknowledged to Howard Stern that their on-and-off relationship had “too much conflict.” Keep an eye on Thirsty to know if Liam responds to this in any way.

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Smita Singha Roy

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