Emily Ratajkowski rose to fame after the “Blurred Lines” video. Besides that, she is also a model, author, and actor. She recently made headlines when her fling with Pete Davidson ended just two months after they started dating. And now she is done dating men who “don’t know how to handle” strong women.

Emily recently stated in Tuesday’s episode of her “High Low” podcast that she “hate[s]” seeing “men in particular” who “truly think they want” an independent partner. “They’re like, ‘You’re special. You’ve done it,’” Ratajkowski said, one week after Page Six revealed the end of her relationship with Davidson.

“They slowly get emasculated, and they don’t know what to do with those feelings, and they resent you, and then they start to tear you down. And then you’re just back to square one.”

Ratajkowski described the situation as “f-ked up and unfair,” but added that she could “understand dating women” and having mutual “respect” in a relationship. “There might be competition … but it doesn’t feel like somebody’s taking something away from someone else,” the actress stated to her guest, Olivia Ponton.

“Weirdly with heteronormative relationships, I feel like that happens. The strength and the power is associated with the masculine, and once the woman has that, the man doesn’t know what else he has.

But I’m like, ‘How about you just be better at expressing your emotions and being there emotionally? That would be great.’”

Ratajkowski began a brief affair with Davidson which ended in November after a public makeout session with DJ Orazio Rispo. The “My Body” author is presently going through a divorce from film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard.

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Smita Singha Roy

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