Child’s Play’s Chucky is definitely one of the most well-liked horror characters of all time. But now it appears like everyone’s favorite serial killer doll has got competition in the market and Chucky is certainly not winning in it.

The new killer doll, M3GAN, quickly became a Twitter sensation after its trailer. However, Chucky was not really pleased with all the attention she was getting and started a Twitter war with her. Universal produces both the movie and the show, so it’s definitely a wonderful advertising technique.

However, fans might wonder who’ll ultimately win the made-up feud. To shed light on that fact, Allison Williams, who plays M3GAN’s creator in the new movie, appeared in an interview with TooFab.

“Is it even a beef if it’s that uneven? She’s so got him. Duh. I have on good authority from the person who made her that she’s kind of unstoppable, more of less. So, yeah, I think she’s got this one.”

The director of the movie, Gerard Johnstone, also “clearly” belonged to Team M3GAN as well. “That was really funny,” he said of the Twitter battle between the two killer toys.

“I try not to read too much press because it can impact you negatively. It’s such a psychological thing because even if 100 people say, ‘Hey, this looks awesome’ and one person says, ‘This looks s—,’ you’re thinking about, ‘Why does it look s—? What can I do to make this person think it’s not s—?’ So I tend to stay away from the internet,” he added, “but I couldn’t not be aware of all of that and it was just really fun.”

Even though Johnstone thinks his doll would triumph in the fight, he did acknowledge the fact is Chucky is truly an iconic character. However, M3GAN will hit the theatres on Jan 6 so, it will be exciting to see how powerful the doll really is.

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Smita Singha Roy

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