Ja Morant is currently one of the best players in the NBA, and many believe he has the potential to become the league’s face. His incredible dunks have helped him gain a large fan following. Ja recently brought a young fan to tears with his generous act.

Sunday night saw a wholesome moment in Memphis. Ja Morant gifted the shoes off his feet to a youngster after the game. The act was so touching that it moved the youngster to tears.

Ja Morant and the Grizzlies defeated the Sacramento Kings 118-108. Morant noticed 9-year-old Zander Carr holding a banner that read, “Ready to JAM out in my JA 1’s #summer2023.” The 23-year-old NBA superstar removed his pink, Ja 1 Nike sneakers and walked over to the child, who was already sobbing at the sight of the Memphis point guard up close.

Ja then signed the sneakers and hugged Carr, turning the boy into a puddle of emotions. Krissi Carr, Carr’s mother, can be heard in the video in complete disbelief, telling Morant that the game was her son’s birthday present.

The three eventually posed for a shot before Morant returned to the dressing room. Carr’s kicks are Ja’s first Nike sneakers, which were unveiled on Christmas Day. Morant dedicated the new signature sneakers to his 3-year-old daughter, Kaari, whose name is inscribed on the shoe’s inside half. You can check out the video below.

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