R. Kelly was found guilty of six of the 13 charges filed against him. The disgraced singer was accused of concealing video evidence from his 2008 case and also threatening witnesses as well. His history of abuse has shaken audiences for years, despite damning claims and tales. R. Kelly once pushed a survivor down the stairs after discovering his Aaliyah sex tape.

Several of R. Kelly’s stories were released as part of Surviving R. Kelly, a docuseries produced by Dream Hampton and journalist Jim DeRogatis. Rolling Stone recently reported about Surviving R. Kelly: The Final Chapter, which is the documentary’s final four-part portion. It will also air for two nights in a row on January 2nd and 3rd, with more heartbreaking testimonies from victims.

One of the most disturbing stories had R. Kelly assaulting a survivor after she discovered his Aaliyah sex tape. Survivor Ebonié Doyle told DeRogatis about her experiences in November 2021, and her narrative is included in The Final Chapter. She discussed how she initially met the R&B performer and how his maltreatment evolved.

I was 16 years old when I met Rob in 1993. My friends and I went to a show, and he was there with other artists, and I just remember his voice was just amazing,” she remarked. “After the show, my girlfriend and I were waiting outside, we were ready to go to our cars, and a limousine pulls up.

Kelly invited them to his hotel room and became interested in Doyle’s personal life. He promised to have his tour bus wait for her outside her high school and even attended her graduation. Doyle moved in with the 55-year-old after her mother kicked her out of the house for seeing him.

The disgraced star forced her to arch her back for “literally hours” to his liking. She also revealed that R. Kelly denied having a relationship with an underage Aaliyah, which took a darker turn.

I see this basket full of tapes, and I’m like, ‘Well, maybe I’ll just grab one of these tapes, and let me go in the other rooms and see if there’s a VHS so I can watch a movie,’ because I was bored. That’s when I discovered that he’d been lying to me about Aaliyah. The tape that I put in was of him and Aaliyah together. What I saw on that tape was he and Aaliyah being intimate. They were on the tour bus, and everything that I had asked him was confirmed on the tape.

That shake sent me down flights of stairs, and I just laid there. I just froze. That was the moment where I realized [how] to pick and choose my battles. Like, I loved him … I love [Kelly]. He’s still important to me. And so, he’s not some horrible man to me. And I don’t want people to think that. I just wish that he would get the help he needs. Like, he’s not a bad person, he just does bad things. Does that make [sense]?

R. Kelly was known as the “King of R&B” before his music career came crashing down. The singer has, rightfully, been sentenced to prison. You can watch the official trailer of Surviving R. Kelly: The Final Chapter below.

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