It’s that time of the year again. New Year’s is when people make a lot of wishes and resolutions for the new year with hopes of accomplishing something by the end of the year. While most people have realistic wishes, rapper 21 Savage is wishing for something that is out of the ordinary.

21 Savage recently took to Twitter to inform fans that he wishes to be frozen so that he can live in the year 2121 which also coincides with his name 21 Savage. If the rapper gets his wish to live till 2121, then he will be 129 years old which is impossible to achieve in his lifespan.

“I Just Want To Be Alive For 2121 Somebody Freeze Me Right Quick,” wrote 21 Savage.

While it looks as if 21 Savage may have been joking about being frozen, scientists are currently experimenting with ways to cryopreserve human bodies for future research purposes.

It will be interesting to see if modern science comes up with a way for people to preserve their bodies so that they can see the future. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News for more coverage of similar stories.

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Sunil Joseph

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