Tristan Thompson, a professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics, has recently been spotted working out shirtless in a video shared on social media. The clip, which has garnered attention online, shows Thompson lifting weights and performing various exercises at a gym.

Many fans and followers of Thompson have taken to social media to comment on the video, with many praising the athlete’s physique and dedication to fitness. However it didn’t take long for some trolls to respond with negative comments about the video.

“Come on man. you [have] trainers and professional athletes all around you and you still can’t figure out the correct form smh,” one follower wrote, criticizing the way he was doing his bicep curls.

“Not surprising the guns don’t grow with that form,” another follower added. A third wrote, “Lol zero form and you’re supposed to be a pro athlete” and a fourth shared, “Bro delete this.”

Thompson is known for his athleticism and strength on the basketball court, and it is clear that he works hard to maintain his physical conditioning. While the video of Thompson working out has certainly garnered attention, it is important to remember that the athlete’s primary focus is on his performance and success on the basketball court. Whether he is training in the gym or competing on the court, Thompson’s dedication and hard work are evident in all that he does.

Steve Carrier

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