Tom Brady is one of the most famous athletes in the world. That still doesn’t exempt him from the wrath of social media users. Tom Brady has been focusing on his career, and even came out of retirement for it. Sadly it was at the cost of his marriage to Gisele Bündchen.

The NFL player took to Instagram to post pictures with his son Benjamin chilling by the poolside. While this is just like any other parent expressing affection for their kids, many social media users vehemently disagree.

Tom Brady posted the first picture on his Instagram story where he’s seen kissing his son on his neck. In the next one, Benjamin’s legs are in between Tom Brady’s legs, which is why social media users have been calling out Tom Brady for being seemingly creepy.

Some fans pointed out that it was rather weird of Brady to be in a position like this. Others, however, came to his rescue, stating that it is simply too weird “overly sexualizing the relationship between a child and his father.

“Bruh no f**kin way. What is this sh*t?????”

“He’s 15 sitting on his dad’s lap with only a bathing suit.”

“I don’t think Tom Brady is a pervert, I think he just sucks at social media.”

“Overly sexualizing the relationship between a child and his father like this is beyond weird.”

Tom Brady has been constantly busy trying to overdo himself in the NFL. It’s easy to consider that the star isn’t too caught up with the antics of social media. Whatever the case may be, Tom Brady hasn’t really responded to any of the reactions to his post. Let’s see how he chooses to react.

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