Bill Cosby has been the subject of numerous sexual assault allegations in the past. The legal troubles have continued to follow him even after his release from prison. It seems he is once again getting dragged into court over sexual assault.

TMZ reports, Stacey Pinkerton has filed a lawsuit accusing the comedian of sexually assaulting her in 1986 during his time on “The Cosby Show.”

Pinkerton claims that Cosby used his power and influence as a star of the hit sitcom to groom her and promised to help her career as a model and actress. She also alleges that Cosby took her to the “Cosby Show” studio in New York, put her up in a hotel, and gave her money as a manipulation tactic to gain her trust.

Pinkerton states in the lawsuit that she was around 21 years old when these events happened. She further claims that Cosby arranged to meet her in Chicago in 1986, drugged her food at dinner, and took her to a private hotel room at the Drake Hotel where he sexually assaulted her and forced her to have intercourse. Pinkerton also mentioned that Cosby forcefully kissed her, and touched her butt without her consent in another event.

Cosby’s camp has denied the allegations and characterized the lawsuit as a money grab. The accuser is seeking damages from Cosby and is suing him for sexual battery.

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