Roddy Ricch is a fervent believer in taking preventative measures whenever necessary. Fans must have noticed the industry’s hostility one after the other, which resulted at the end of Ricch’s patience level. Roddy Ricch recently failed to hide his annoyance from the paparazzi.

The incident happened in his birthplace of Los Angeles, California where he shouted at the cameraman to leave him alone. The Hollywood Fix recently shared a video that showed Roddy packing his car with a baby seat while cameras were shooting on the opposite side of the street.

The determined photographer crossed the street to get a better look at the rapper but was stopped by his security. The cameraman was told by the hefty security officer that Roddy was “doing something private,” but he persisted in trying to catch the rapper’s attention and kept the camera rolling.

The guard kindly asked the cameraman to go one more time, and as he did so, telling Roddy how nice it was to see him, “The Box” rapper flipped his middle finger as a parting gift. When Roddy Ricch approached him and told him to put down his camera, the paparazzo returned to the other side of the street.

The man attempted to tell Roddy that he saw him at a recent event, but the Compton resident refused and proceeded to beg him to turn off the camera so he could “talk to [him] like a man.” Roddy then let out a heated warning to the paparazzo.

You was the first dude that walked up on me. You walked up on me, bro. Don’t walk up on me, n-gga. This is real life, don’t walk up on me. You walking up on my car, bro. I’m handling my personal business; you walking up on me, bro. This ain’t that. I’m living real life. Leave me the f-ck alone, real sh-t. Leave me the fu-k alone!

Roddy’s hostility toward the photographer could be related to the disturbing trend of violence against rappers in Los Angeles in recent years, with many musicians growing increasingly concerned about their whereabouts being posted online, giving ammunition for potential criminals. You can watch the video below.

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