Kate Hudson does not require an introduction. The actress has a long list of successes. However, Kate was recently asked about Dane Cook’s kissing ability during a lie detector test and she, of course, called Cook “canceled.”

During a Vanity Fair lie detector test on Thursday with Janelle Monae, Kate was asked to compare the kissing skills of her former co-stars. The “Glass Onion” star made a disgusted grimace when Cook’s picture slid across the table. The co-creator of Fabletics uttered “No. No. Canceled” and giggled.

Kate costarred with Cook in the 2008 film “My Best Friend’s Girl.” Six years later, when Andy Cohen asked about their compatibility, Cook claimed that she had consumed “a feast of onions” prior to their kiss. In the 2014 “Watch What Happens Live” interview, the comedian stated, “I had to burn her on that one.”

Cook later changed his remarks, calling the author of Pretty Happy his best on-screen smooch in an interview on the “Steve-O’s Wild Ride” podcast in October. “We were just having so much fun on that movie and we were real pals,” he said.

When asked about kissing other ex-cast members, such as Billy Crudup and Matthew McConaughey, Hudson only gave positive comments. However, her “Dr. T & the Women” co-star Liv Tyler was described by Hudson as her “best” on-screen kiss, which the lie detector test verified.

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Smita Singha Roy

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