Ed Helms was arguably the most famous personality at the time of the release of The hangover in 2009. Following his appearance in the film, Ed claimed that he was overwhelmed by the popularity that followed him. However, more subsequently, Helms has discussed the psychological impact that The Hangover and its two sequels had on him.

In the wake of the box office success of the buddy comedy The Hangover, Ed Helms has spoken candidly about the difficulties of stardom. The 2009 movie, which follows a group of groomsmen who must find their friend before his wedding after a crazy trip through Vegas, features the comic as Stu, the responsible and rigid dentist.

While Helms was already well known prior to the film thanks to his stint as a correspondent on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and as Andy Bernard on The Office. Helm said he chartered new territory post-Hangover.

“It was a tornado of fame. It was very overwhelming. I really was reeling a lot of the time. I was getting scripts for all these different kinds of projects. Like, ‘What do I do? I dunno.’ I was kind of spinning out and panicking about different things, like, ‘Well, what kind of a career do you want?'”

The chances that followed Hangover made Helms feel “very lucky,” but he also claimed they brought on “a lot of anxiety and identity turmoil.” Helms also gave Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis credit for assisting them in adjusting to fame.

“One of the craziest things about a massive jump into fame like that — and what I think people who have never dealt with that or been close to it just can’t understand — is the just total loss of control of your environment.”

“If it wasn’t for those guys, I don’t think I would’ve stayed sane,” he said. “We all had each other to kind of commiserate and measure ourselves… and kept each other [from] drifting too far and being too unprofessional.”

A box office success, The Hangover made $467 million worldwide. Two additional sequels, which were released in 2011 and 2013, featured Helms and a sizable portion of the original cast, which also included Ken Jeong and Justin Bartha.

In the franchise, Mike Tyson, Jamie Chung, John Goodman, and Melissa McCarthy all had noteworthy cameos. What’s your take on Hangover? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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