Taylor Swift’s recently launched album “Midnights” broke records on the first day of launch itself. However, Taylor Swift has also found herself in some trouble after her music video called “Anti-Hero” had to have a scene removed after several health professionals dubbed it “fatphobic.”

The segment in question shows Taylor Swift stepping on a weighing scale that displayed “fat” instead of a numerical weight. While looking down at the scale, she sang the line, “I stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror,” before the camera showed the second version of herself shaking her head to indicate no.

Taylor Swift who has been vocal about struggling with an eating disorder removed the scene from the Apple Music version of the video after health professionals deemed it damaging.

Shira Rosenbluth, a social worker specializing in eating disorder treatment tweeted that it’s a S**tty way to describe her body image. She also stated that fat people don’t need it to be reiterated again.

“Taylor Swift’s music video, where she looks down at the scale where it says ‘fat,’ is a s–tty way to describe her body image struggles. Fat people don’t need to have it reiterated yet again that it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to look like us.”

Taylor Swift opened up about her eating disorder in her 2020 documentary called “Taylor Swift: Miss Americana.” At the time, she stated that she would starve herself even if someone said she looked pregnant.

Check out the music video here:

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