JJ Watt and Kealia Ohai are one of the most passionate sports pairs in the industry. Fans appreciate their compatibility and the way they stand by each other when it counts. The wife of JJ Watt recently welcomed their first child.

The infant of the athletes came on Sunday. The couple recently announced the news on Instagram. “Love and happiness have reached heights we never even knew existed. James Koa Watt 10.23.22.”

Ohai revealed her pregnancy in June and announced her due date in October on Instagram. Watt uploaded the identical image of himself holding Ohai’s growing uterus at the time, saying, “Could not be more excited.”

Later, the defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals expressed his hopes to “hopefully have a photo with [his] child on the field” one day to sideline media.
Watt quipped that he hadn’t received “s—t” from D.J. Humphries, his teammate who had promised the soon-to-be father “a whole book” with “step-by-step” parenting guidance.

He’s just going to shake my hand and say, ‘Good luck. ’I’m going to wait for that book. All these guys told me they’d give me tips, [but] I haven’t gotten one tip yet.

Watt posted updates from their tropical babymoon the following month as he continued to track his wife’s pregnancy on social media. The NFL athlete posted a July Instagram photo of Ohai’s naked midriff in a swimsuit, “Hang it in the Louvre.”

JJ started dating the soccer player in 2016, and they got engaged three years later. The couple got married in the Bahamas in February 2020; Watt referred to it as “without a question” the “best day of” his life on Instagram. For their first wedding anniversary, the bride-to-be shared a throwback video of her eating chicken wings before the ceremony while wearing her bridal gown.

“I … found my perfect match. Anyone who can look that good (and wear that much white) while eating wings has to be the perfect woman.”

However, it appears that the baby has brought the couple a lot of happiness. Thirsty congratulates the couple on their newcomer. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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