Martha Stewart who has been single for 30 years had to squash rumors that she is dating comedian Pete Davidson. The rumors emerged after she was seen holding the comedian’s hand during the White House Correspondent’s dinner. However, the businesswoman has recently opened up about the possibility of dating Pete Davidson.

While appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show this week, the host played a game called “Red Flag, Yellow Flag, Green Flag” in which Martha Stewart revealed the qualities she looks for in a partner.

While describing the first mystery man, Drew Barrymore said, “Your date has as many tattoos as Pete Davidson.” To this, Martha Stewart immediately raised her green flag indicating she was on board.

“Okay, your date is Pete Davidson,” replied Drew Barrymore. To which Martha Stewart raised her green flag again saying, “I mean he has dated so many women.” When Drew Barrymore asked her so what, Martha Stewart clarified saying, “No I’m not saying that’s bad. I think that’s good and he’s sort of cute.”

She then continued to say that she knew him as they were both on the Justin Bieber roast. She then followed it up by saying that he was a little twerp.

Pete Davidson was in a relationship with Kim Kardashian until earlier this year when the two broke up after nine months of being together. This led Drew Barrymore to suggest that age isn’t a thing for Pete Davidson. Martha Stewart finally concluded by saying that Pete Davidson was the son she never had.

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Sunil Joseph

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