Randy Orton boasts a super successful WWE career, and he’s been with the company for twenty years now. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Val Venis recently accused him of making Rochelle Loewen leave WWE.

In a clip shared to the Wrestling Shoot Interview YouTube Channel, WWE Attitude Era legend Val Veins accused Orton of forcing the former Diva Search contestant to quit, although he did deny the accusation that Orton had defecated in Loewen’s bag. He also discussed another outrageous incident involving Orton, which happened at a steakhouse.

I know Randy had some issue with one of the girls from the Diva Search that when we went to Hawaii, Japan – Japan, Alaska, then Alaska back to L.A. and in Alaska that girl quit because of Randy.

We were all sitting around a steak and they brought our steak, and to make it looked like the plate that they put in front of him was exactly what he ordered, but he picks up the steak with his two fingers and he goes ‘what the hell is this’ to the waitress and tosses the piece of steak at her.’

Loewen was part of the WWE locker room back in 2003, she has appeared on both RAW as well as SmackDown. During her debut in the company, she escorted Lance Storm and Val Veins to the ring. She was sporadically featured in backstage events as well. Unfortunately, her WWE career was cut short.

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