Rapper Kanye West has recently publicly shared several comments which have been condemned for their anti-Semitic sentiments. Several brands have cut ties with Kanye, and multiple public figures have spoken out against his anti-Semitic remarks.

Now, Khloé Kardashian has joined the ranks of celebs who have recently taken a stand against anti-Semitism. While Khloé did not specifically call out Kanye West, she did share a message of solidarity with Jewish people.

I support my Jewish friends and the Jewish people.

The statement was shared by Khloé on Instagram in the form of a Story post. Even though Khloé did not mention Kanye West by name, it is not hard to guess what prompted this statement from her.

This is not the first time Khloé has had to put out a statement on Instagram in response to Kanye West’s comments. Earlier, she had called out Kanye for spinning a false narrative against her sister, Kim Kardashian.

As for Kanye himself, he has been deplatformed by both Twitter and Instagram, following his anti-Semitic rants.

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