Taylor Swift recently released her newest album ‘Midnights‘ on October 21st. The album was positively received as one that offered precise emotions that were universally resonant. Taylor apparently revealed the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ unborn fourth child on that album.

In a verse of her song “You’re On Your Own, Kid“, Taylor Swift fans believe she gave away the name of the fourth child of her close friends Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. The couple’s newest addition is expected to arrive in February or March of 2023. Twitter users went into a frenzy over the theory that the pop diva had made the name of the unborn child publicly known.

Swifties think they have cracked an Easter egg. They believe that the 45-year-old Deadpool actor and his 35-year-old wife are intending to name their unborn child Daisy May, albeit this hypothesis has not yet been confirmed. The name was extracted from Swift’s lyrics.

I see the great escape, so long, Daisy May / I picked the petals, he loves me not / Something different bloomed, writing in my room / I play my songs in the parking lot.’

Taylor also revealed the name of Lively and Reynolds’ kid in the poignant single “Betty” two years ago. The 11-time Grammy winner also included the names of the couple’s other children James and Inez in the smash song on the same album, Folklore. Listen to the song below.

Do you think Taylor Swift offered the easter egg in her song? Sound off in the comments!

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