Taylor Swift recently released her newest album ‘Midnights‘ on October 21st. The album was positively received as one that offered precise emotions that were universally resonant. Janet Jackson wasn’t a Swiftie before but there’s a high chance she is now.

Janet Jackson gave Taylor Swift her stamp of approval for the Midnights song, “Snow on the Beach,” while bobbing her head to the tune. The 56-year-old Grammy Award winner lost herself in the tune which was released on Friday. She shared a video on TikTok showing herself bobbing her head along to the song, which also features her name.

The song also features Lana Del Rey. It was written by Swift, Del Rey and Jack Antonoff. There is also a Janet Jackson reference in the song. “But your eyes are flying saucers from another planet / Now I’m all for you like Janet / Can this be a real thing? Can it?” According to PEOPLE, Jackson was seen leaning back in a chair and getting blissfully lost in the song, before commenting with a smile.

I LUV it. That’s nice.

Swift previously celebrated Midnights becoming the most streamed album in a single day on Spotify ever, as well as the biggest pop album ever on Apple Music. Along with Del Rey and Antonoff, the album also includes actress Zo Kravitz, with whom Swift shared a picture this weekend to commemorate the “crazy ride of an album,” and her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn. You may listen to the song below.

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