Flavor Flav is a part of one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time. His and Chuck D’s legacies continue to have a significant influence on the business. Flavor Flav recently accomplished a noteworthy milestone.

Although there have been rumors of the two getting back together as Public Enemy for years, it appears that Flav has been concentrating on leading a healthy life. The New York rapper declared that he has completed two years of sobriety in a new video that was uploaded to Instagram.

Flav spoke to the camera while sporting his recognizable clock bling and a Star Wars tie-dye shirt. Naturally, Flavor Flav would close the video with a collection of his catchphrases, including the well-known “Yeah boy.”

Ayo check one two, Flavor Flav right here. Guess what? I am two years no cigarettes, two years no alcohol. You know what? I feel real good y’all. I’m gonna do this another maybe twenty-two more years, I don’t know. But right now, I’m working on one year at a time, folks… I don’t care what nobody says, but I look good. I am very proud of myself. I just had to let everybody know it. I’m proud of me.

Flav lately seemed to have organized all of his affairs. The rapper stated earlier this year that he intended to play a significant role in the lives of his three-year-old kid who he had at the age of 63. In addition, it was revealed that the rapper owes back child support in the amount of around $80,000, although he said he intended to pay it all back. Check out the post below.

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