After Alex Jones’ misinformation lead to decade-long harassment of the Sandy Hook victims’ families, the right-wing radio host was asked to pay nearly $1 Billion in damages. Alex Jones, who is the founder of Infowars, argued for years that the Sandy Hook massacre was a government plot to take away Americans’ guns and that no one died.

As previously reported, Jones was ordered by a judge to pay nearly $1 billion in damages. According to the Associated Press, Alex Jones has asked the court to scrap the nearly $1 billion verdict in his Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit.

Jones’ legal team argues that Judge Barbara Bellis’ pretrial rulings resulted in an unfair trial and “a substantial miscarriage of justice.”

“In short, (Jones and his parent company Free Speech Systems) contend that verdict is exorbitant and a result of passion and prejudice,” his attorney, Norm Pattis, wrote in the motion filed Friday. “Additionally, the (families’) failure to offer any evidentiary standard by which the jury could calculate damages rendered the verdict a species of wild speculation unsupported by law and resulted in a verdict that denies (Jones and FSS) due process of law.”

The legal troubles started for Alex Jones back in 2018 when the families of the victims decided to go after Alex Jones and his company Free Speech Systems. Earlier this year in August, Alex Jones was asked to pay $49.3 million in a similar trial that took place in August. During this trial, Alex Jones acknowledged that the attack was “100% real.”

Do you think the jury reached the right verdict? We would love to know your thought.

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