Kim Kardashian marked her 42nd birthday on Friday, and her loved ones weren’t shy to express their adoration on social media. The SKIMS mogul also said that she wants nothing more than to finalize her divorce as her 42nd birthday gift from Kanye. Khloé Kardashian decided to celebrate her sister’s 42nd birthday on social media with a heartfelt yet humorous tweet.

Khloé complimented her “resilient” older sibling in a carousel of sweet throwback photos she shared on Instagram. She also revealed a cheekier memory that had followers in stitches. Khloe and Kim are both featured in the series from their early childhood through adulthood.

Along with those pictures, Khloé also shared pictures with Kim, and her elder sister, Kourtney. She also posted a vintage family photo with their mom, Kris. Khloe used the chance to reveal a less amicable scene between the two from their first reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. The video clip featured Khloé and Kim getting into an argument in a parking lot, with Kim branding Khloe as an “immature b-ch” and asking her to leave.

Happy birthday Keeks! My brave, remarkably resilient sister, happy birthday!
Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving we simply become more resilient and, in my opinion, you are the poster child of resilience. So thank you for birthdays because you have gotten stronger, wiser, braver, more vocal with your beliefs. You have managed to become kinder and gentler the more years that have gone by. I thought people got grumpier the older that they became, but you have become a more self-aware, loving and patient person.
The busier you become, the more you give to the ones you love. You give your absolute all in every area of your life. Whatever you set your mind to, you accomplish and you do so to the highest degree whether it’s being a mom, sister, daughter, best friend, aunt, entrepreneur, lawyer, (I can go on and on)… Somehow every single thing you do in your life, you do To the maximum level and you won’t settle for anything less. Your drive for life inspires me daily.
Kimberly I feel so blessed and privileged that I was blessed with you as my sister and best friend. You and I until the end kiddo. I ride for you. By your side until the end. I would do ANYTHING for you. Absolutely ANYTHING. I won’t even ask questions. Ha! I’ll follow you blindly wherever you go to support and protect you. I’ll be right there in the sidelines cheering you on or ready to throw down if need be. All I’m trying to say is, I proudly and honorably got you until time runs out. Never forget that I’m by your side in all lifetimes. I’ve already worked it out with the angels 😉
Every single blessing you have in your life you are incredibly deserving of, and I pray that your blessings continuously rain upon you. To one of the most spectacular and extraordinary humans I know, cheers my stunning sister! I love you my soulmate (and my swole-Mate)

On TikTok, North West is celebrating her mother’s birthday. Kim and North were seen lip-syncing to the Becky Hill song “Remember” in the video. Check out Khloe’s Instagram post below.

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