The January 6 United States Capitol attack was a chilling incident that left many Americans quite disturbed. Naturally, a committee has been formed to investigate the Capitol riots.

The committee formed to investigate the incident has issued a subpoena to the former President, Donald Trump, calling for him to testify about the role he allegedly played in trying to overturn the 2020 Presidential election.

Now, Donald’s son, Eric Trump has also come out saying that he believes his father should testify before the committee. At the “ReAwaken America” rally that took place in Manheim, Pennsylvania on Friday, Eric Trump shared this sentiment.

Eric Trump’s approach to the investigation, however, seems to be a mockery of the process. Describing it as a “hoax committee,” he went on to say that his father should testify, not to cooperate with the investigation, but because “it will be the greatest entertainment.”

Who wants to pop a beer, make some popcorn, and watch Donald Trump talk about election fraud in the United States of America?

There is, even now, no solid evidence suggesting that there was any fraud committed during the 2020 election. However, it does not seem like Eric and Donald Trump are willing to budge from their position regarding the same.

While addressing the crowd in Manheim, Eric Trump also made a call to his father, and described the “amazing crowd” to him. Donald Trump, in response, went on to praise his son, calling him a “great guy.”

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