Ellen DeGeneres announced her departure from her talk show after 19 seasons. The iconic talk show debuted back in 2003 and continued to pull in views year after year. It appears, Ellen will soon make a comeback on screen.

Ellen DeGeneres unveiled a teaser clip for her next show, About Time For Yourself… with Ellen, via a variety of media outlets on Friday. In a promotional video, the 64-year-old broke from her talk show roots and tried out a new docu-comedy format instead.

Ellen’s comeback comes just five months after she stepped down from hosting her long-running daytime chat show. According to PEOPLE, DeGeneres stated in the video that she has been enjoying the newfound absence of cameras and television production since leaving her show.

“You know, lately I’ve been taking some time just for myself, away from the cameras,”

The performer went on to express that she recently came up with an idea for a program and asked her wife, Portia de Rossi, for help. A statement was also provided to People to describe the forthcoming program, which will stream on her official YouTube channel. 

“After stepping out of the spotlight of her iconic talk show, Ellen is trying something bold and new- being unemployed, In the wake of the Great Resignation, she’s reconnecting with her audience who may also have more time on their hands, and if not, could certainly use some. In this new series shot at her home, Ellen shares her own attempts to try new things and make a little me time in her own very Ellen way.”

DeGeneres officially wrapped her talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, back in May after 19 total seasons. For her final episode, DeGeneres welcomed back her first-ever guest Jennifer Aniston to close out the show. Aniston even gifted the host a “Thanks for the Memories” welcome mat for a proper send-off. Meanwhile, you can check out the teaser for Ellen’s new show below.

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