In 2017, Kevin Brophy sued Cardi B for the cover of her mixtape that showed a guy covered in tattoos performing oral sex on the rapper. Kevin Brophy claimed that the cover used his image and his back tattoos without permission. He further claimed that the artwork ruined his personal life.

Now it seems like Cardi B’s five-year long lawsuit has finally come to an end. On Friday, a jury declared that the cover art of the mixtape did not use the likeness of Kevin Brophy or portray him in a bad light. Hence the jury ruled in Cardi B’s favor. The rapper took to Twitter to break her silence following her victory in the courtroom stating that she is feeling blessed.

“Naaaa I can’t believe I won that lawsuit. It was a good fight, and when I say good fight I mean my lawyers and the plaintiffs lawyers were really good…but I had the biggest weapon of them all ….GOD!!! I’m feeling so blessed”

During the 4-day trial, Kevin Brophy’s lawyer claimed that a male model was originally used for the photo. However, his back tattoo was digitally replaced with one of a tiger and a serpent that turned out to be a part of a ‘back piece’ that Kevin Brophy considered a core piece of his identity. Kevin Brophy was seeking $5 million dollars in damages from the rapper.


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