Kanye West has been digging a deeper hole for himself over the past few weeks with his antisemitic outbursts, flimsy claims about race and the death of George Floyd, and his use of the r-word to refer to Vice President Joe Biden. His behavior has drawn a lot of criticism, concern, and compassion online, the latter mostly from other controversial figures. However, Antonio Brown is still supporting Ye amid all the controversies.

The hot-tempered stars had discovered one another to be like-minded souls, a support that is now in the hottest of waters. The former NFL player became friends with Yeezy not so long ago. Brown recently showed his support for the rapper on Twitter.


Support YE”

It should not be surprising that they are showing support for each other given their prior relationship. The ex-football player also commended Kanye for using the conservative social media site Parler, calling it the “best social media for sharing thoughts and opinions today.”

He also singled out Twitter, which is run by Elon Musk, as another remarkable website. We hope that AB, Kanye, and other famous people won’t be exempt from responsibility as long as they continue to mistakenly interpret internet free speech as hate speech. Check out the Instagram post below.

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