Taylor Swift has had multiple chart-topping hits this decade, and she doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Her latest album, “Midnights,” which was released at midnight on Thursday, caused Spotify to malfunction.

TMZ reports that Swift’s album release caused the streaming giant to crash right when it dropped. However, Spotify quickly resolved its server problems, and the platform was running smoothly once again. This was probably caused due to millions of Swifties swarming Spotify right after the highly anticipated album dropped.

Before Spotify could repair the issue, the Grammy-winning singer’s fans took to social media in a frenzy, venting their anger at the company.

“Midnights” was released on Spotify as a special edition featuring seven extra tunes. Also, the visual of the album’s third track “Anti-Hero” dropped today, where Swift imagines her future kids fighting over her estate.

“Midnights” is Swift’s tenth studio album. The album’s release has been highly anticipated since it’s announcement at 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. It marks Swift’s first body of new work since 2020’s Evermore

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