The brotherhood of Lil Baby and Young Thug has received attention from the industry. Most followers appreciate their friendship through every stage of life, including the difficult ones. Young Thug and Lil Baby recently referred to one another as “personal friends,” not just associates in the music industry.

Lil Baby has appeared to discuss his friendship with Young Thug and provided updates on how his friend is doing in prison as the popularity of It’s Only Me soars.

Since being arrested along with Gunna and a number of their suspected associates early this year, Thugger has been behind bars. Authorities claimed that the rappers are members of the YSL gang, but the rappers maintained that YSL is merely a record company and not a gang.

Lil Baby discussed his jailed mates and noted that he spoke with Young Thug more frequently than Gunna. Baby went into further details about their relationship in a recent interview with XXL.

“He’s not like one of my rap friends. He’s one of my personal friends. We actually talk on the phone. Or if we in the same city, like one of them guys that I pull up on.”

“So, him being incarcerated, it be different for me. He ain’t like one of the rappers where I don’t see in years or I don’t talk to for real anyway. I really talk to him from a day to day. Me and Gunna, we like neighbors. So, for them to be in a situation and I don’t really talk to them like that, it kinda mess with me a little bit for sure.”

Lil Baby restated the advice he gave Thugger while he waited to find out his fate in jail, as he has previously stated.

“Read. That’s the advice. Like logical, I know you in there, while you’re in there, read. Get some books. Figure out what you wanna learn about ’cause while you in there and shit, just figure out some shit, ya feel me? Then when you get out, you got a whole new avenue and just apply it to your life when you get out.”

Trials for Young Thug and Gunna are scheduled to start around the end of 2023. Following Gunna’s third rejection of bond lately, his legal team is reportedly preparing for a fourth hearing. Let’s see what does the court decides now. What’s your take on it? Sound it in the comments. For further updates, stay tuned to Thirsty.

What’s your take on it? Sound it in the comments.

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