John Cena is a shoo-in for the WWE Hall of Fame, but he didn’t get to this point by letting everyone get a win over him. He even had to take down entire groups of people at once.

Heath Slater is one of the best and biggest names of the Nexus faction. The man who got kids had a different moniker after things changed. Heath was ready to speak his heart out about what transpired at SummerSlam 2010.

The moment was 12-years-ago. Despite the time of the event, the moments have had a profound impact on Heath Slater and he spoke his mind when he spoke with Adrian Hernandez of 1140 AM Las Vegas.

Nexus, a stable featuring Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel (PJ Black), Heath Slater, and David Otunga, among others, that attempted to take over the WWE’s main roster at that time.

SummerSlam was amazing, main eventing and everything. Getting in the ring with Bret Hart was fantastic. But SummerSlam should’ve went differently. Because we had WWE by the throat, but they never let us clench it, you know what I mean? They never let it be like ‘Holy crap! These guys are legit taking over!’ We were there. We had it. But then Superman had to go in there and change everything.

We were winning though. We were definitely winning. We got there and they said we were up. Me, Gabriel, and Wade were the last three in the ring. And then the next thing I know, an hour before the PPV starts, it all goes to crap, and we’re all like ‘Whoa what? What’s happening now?’ They had to switch it all.

The “Superman” code Heath uses is in reference to John Cena, who led the WWE team against Nexus that evening. Several who worked for WWE at the time have agreed in the past with Heath’s opinion that Nexus lost too soon, and Cena would admit years later that he “guessed wrong” regarding his input on the finish to the match.

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The group’s peak occurred at WWE SummerSlam that year, where Nexus ultimately came up short against a squad of WWE all-stars, including John Cena, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, and Daniel Bryan.

The group would eventually morph into the New Nexus early the following year, with CM Punk as its leader and many of its original members out. By August 2011, Nexus had dissolved entirely.

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Amit Shukla

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