Freddy Krueger is the iconic horror fictional character in the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” film series. Back in 2016, a person costumed as Freddy Krueger tormented a bunch of children at Shirley’s Victorious Learning Center in Florida. The video recently resurfaced during this Halloween season.

It turns out that the daycare workers charged with felonies in Mississippi for frightening young children while wearing a horror mask weren’t the first to do it. However, their punishment is unquestionably far harsher. The children ran away while yelling and sobbing.

During the entire thing, someone else, likely an employee, was filming. Although the older clip might give viewers the same fright as the one from Mississippi, Shirley’s owner told WJAX-TV that parents were aware of it coming and that no complaints had been made.

The five daycare workers in Mississippi who were featured in a viral video terrifying children while wearing a Halloween horror mask weren’t as fortunate. According to TMZ, the parents of three of the kids in MS demanded charges for the Halloween scare.

As a consequence, four of the workers are now being investigated for felony child abuse on three counts each. One woman is being investigated on misdemeanor charges for failing to report abuse and simple assault. Check out the videos below.

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