Actor Danny Masterson was meted with rape allegations last year. He then claimed that the anti-Scientology campaign led by Leah Remini is a huge driving force behind the allegations in his ongoing case. One of Danny Masterson’s rape accusers recently testified in court that he used a $400,000 non-disclosure agreement to buy her silence.

Jen B., the lady who gave the testimony, claimed that she was offered the option of signing the NDA or risking ex-communication from the Scientology sect that she and Danny both practiced. The woman, who was the first of three to testify, had earlier in the day detailed how Danny had viciously raped her in 2003 and how she had chosen not to tell her Scientology superiors about it.

According to New York Post, Jen B. was given the option to sign an NDA regarding her contact with Masterson or face ex-communication and labeling as a “suppressive.” The specifics of the contract were not made public in court, but Jen B.’s attorneys claimed that Masterson was required to pay the whole settlement amount within a year.

My life would be over. My parents would have to disconnect from me. … I had a daughter in school. I wouldn’t be able to work with [my parents]. I wouldn’t know where to go. My parents would also be ‘labeled.’ Their company, the people who worked for them, family and friends and everyone they’ve known since 1972 … You have to choose your fate, and I didn’t know if they would choose me over that.

Jen B. concurred that she wouldn’t “damage his reputation” or his ability to earn money in the future. She was required to pay $200,000 per infraction if she violated the agreement. She described in her testimony how she went to the Beverly Hills office of renowned celebrity lawyer Marty Singer to sign the paperwork.

His accuser said that she had been given till six o’clock that day to sign the contract. Jen B. testified that when Singer handed her the stack of papers, he told her merely to sign them and not to touch any of the pages. She did, however, recall seeing the name “David Duncan,” which was Masterson’s code name, on the document.

A year after she claimed to have been raped, the NDA was signed. She told her Scientology supervisors about the incident, and they allegedly advised her against calling the police. Masterson has entered a not-guilty plea to all counts. If found guilty, he may receive a prison term of 45 years to life.

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