Cardi B worked hard to make herself one of the top female rappers in the hip-hop world. However, she has returned to court for a new legal fight. And a group of nearby youngsters was well aware of this development as one of them approached her in court and offered her a night of dancing.

On Wednesday, while Cardi was leaving court in Santa Ana, California, a group of young fans approached her outside the building. One person in the crowd made the decision to make a move, approaching Cardi and asking if she would join him at the homecoming dance.

However, the rapper didn’t respond, so we assume she is currently preoccupied. As TMZ previously reported, Cardi is involved in a legal dispute over the cover image for her “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1” mixtape, which features a man having a number of tattoos on his back going down on her.

The man in question, Kevin Brophy, filed documents in 2017, claiming to be the man in the picture but denying giving her permission to use his picture. He stated that he had never spoken to or even met Cardi or her team.

The man is suing the artist for $5M over the appearance of his tattoos, claiming in court that he was “humiliated” by what was shown of him on the album cover. Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates regarding the rapper.

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