Ralph Macchio is best known for his roles in three Karate Kid films as Daniel LaRusso. His character has been a key part of the broader Karate Kid franchise, which has carried over into the popular Netflix continuation. Ralph recently revealed some spinoffs that he’d like to see. 

Macchio recently provided an upbeat update on Cobra Kai’s future, though he admits to some uncertainty. In the past, the show has benefited from a speedy renewal. Despite the fact that Cobra Kai season 5 has been available for a month, there is no clear news on what will happen next. This is reflected in the on-screen stories as well, as the big feuds that drove the protagonists have all practically ended.

In an interview with Uproxx to promote his new memoir Waxing On, Macchio is asked which of the show’s young cast members could lead in their own Cobra Kai spinoff. Macchio emphasizes that all of his co-stars were capable, saying that the selection would be based on which genre the potential spinoff would belong to. Macchio also mentioned a few possibilities, like a Hawk and Demetri show.

Oh my god, that’s tough. I gotta back myself of the corner of the room with that question. You know what, they’re all great kids, I know that’s a lame answer. It also matters what tone you’re looking for. If it’s a great comedic tone, there’s Dimetri and Hawk and their relationship, and Mary had really strong dramatic moments. Some of my favorite moments are their grounded relationship scene. So are you gonna be making a Parenthood version or a single-camera, 30-minute version? With Robby, one of my favorite moments, was Episode 6 when Daniel talked about failing all the kids, and Robby says, “You didn’t fail me.” I get a lump in my throat. When Johnny Lawrence’s kid is telling Daniel LaRusso that I was a good mentor to him during that time, that’s what’s great about this show. So I’m deflecting, all these kids can do it, I just hope they give me a cameo now and again.

Macchio isn’t the only one who has expressed support for a spinoff centered on Hawk and Demetri, dubbed the Binary Brothers. Gianni DeCenzo, who plays Demetri, has stated that he would like to see his character’s bond with Hawk continue (played by Jacob Bertrand). DeCenzo stated how the plot may see Demetri and Hawk attending college in the future, and how the two friends could essentially play detectives. Hawk would play the ‘bad cop,’ with Demetri on the other end of the spectrum.

While this appears to be a break from what fans have come to expect, Macchio is correct in emphasizing the significance of tone: spinoffs that attempt to duplicate their predecessor in some way rarely succeed. Fraiser was fundamentally different from Cheers, while Angel, the dark and broody, developed to be polar opposites to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In turn, Cobra Kai’s humor and flipped views set it apart from the other Karate Kid films.

Even if it’s not a detective story, perhaps something completely unexpected is just what the franchise requires to flourish. Let’s see how they handle it. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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