Kim Kardashian is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs today. She became a billionaire last year and things started looking up from there. Kim recently demanded justice for 17-year-old C.J. Rice and asked the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office to review C.J.’s case.

Kim recently took to Twitter to share a petition from, demanding justice for C.J. Rice. “Help us right this wrong and ask PA to take another look at C.J.’s case” Kim questions how a 17-year-old ended up behind bars until he is 77 years old.

Kim pointed out that despite being a minor, Rice was tried as an adult. He was sentenced to 30 to 60 years behind bars for a crime that his doctor claims he could not have committed. Kim also said that C.J. Rice had a defense attorney who only met with him twice before trial and failed to present expert testimony that C.J. was physically incapable of committing the crime due to his fractured pelvis and injured abdomen.

How could an innocent 17-year-old end up behind bars until he’s 77 years old? Meet C.J. Rice – despite being a minor, he was tried as an adult and sentenced to 30-60 years behind bars for a crime that his doctor says he could not have committed.

In Philadelphia, four individuals were fatally shot one night in 2011, and C.J. Rice, a young man, was allegedly one of the shooters. The only issue was that C.J. had just been shot and was unable to walk on his own, much less take part in an attempted murder. To be clear, C.J. suffered serious wounds.

For the purpose of removing the bullets from his body, doctors created an eight-inch incision in his abdomen. C.J. had pneumonia he developed in the hospital, a shattered pelvis, and more than 25 staples in his belly. For him, it was just not an option to move without help.

We will have to see if Kim Kardashian shining a light on this situation helps C.J. Rice out. Keep an eye on Thirsty to see how the tide turns after Kim’s call for help.

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