Kanye West is the phenomenon whose back-to-back singles keep him in the headlines. However, it is possible for the rap artist to run out of material occasionally. But over the course of 30 hours, Kanye West experienced the same thing.

Recently, Kanye West made a startling revelation to his supporters. Fans have long admired Drake’s inventiveness in using words to create new shapes. Drake, on the other hand, arrived here as a survivor for the Chicago native through his creativity.

Kanye West approached him to explain how Drake’s writing for him helped him structure 30 Hours. Kanye was unable to get past a point in the line. Kanye continued by saying that he thought Drame made his life easy.

“I have been like twelve Fridays in the studio that don’t had upto Drake. God’s version be like O Drake just…We have 30 hours because Drake wrote that for me.

I said I am like boom here I get I have this many ideas like the line I had like… ahhh I was nervous to do Victoria’s Secret show, ‘Til I pictured everybody with no clothes was that the like the line I had and like, what do you think about myself you could be nervous to do like a speech and say pictured by naked so flip the line I was nervous to do Victoria’s Secret pictured by a naked and I have seen it to Drake.

Drake took it and brought it out and wrote the whole rap. You understand, like how much my life easier for me if Drake could write a rap for me. I am sure Everyone should have a lottery button.”

However, Kanye has been grateful to Drake for helping him create the rap, and he still feels this way. The rap spread across the industry like wildfire. What do you think of Drake’s creativity? Let us know in the comments. For more updates, keep checking Thirsty.

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Muskan Sharma

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