Draymond Green reportedly took a break from the Golden State Warriors after hitting Jordan Poole in the face. The assault on Poole was even caught on camera only to worsen the situation. The athlete recently addressed the backlash he’s faced after the clip went viral.

Draymond Green claimed that he was unaware of the uproar that erupted after TMZ Sports published video of his practice punch on Jordan Poole. He also said that he has no idea how much it “blew up” since he does not spend time on the Internet.

The Golden State Warriors star explained what happened on Friday, October 7th, the day the outlet published the footage of the violent altercation. He explained that he wasn’t going through the thousands of tweets and Instagram postings in response to the video. Green said on NBA on TNT,

“I don’t really read many tweets at all, And, so I was just chilling at home with my children. If you want me to be honest with you, I still don’t know how much the world may think it blew up.”

Green makes it plain that he never cared about anyone’s opinion and the Poole incident didn’t change that. He also stated that he was given sound advise following the tragedy, telling him to “look at all the positives.”

“Like, the world has seen one of your worst moments Look at the upside and I can live with that.”

Green concluded that it’s up to Poole if they mend their friendship off the court, but his priority is defending their championship. This recent ordeal with the Warriors will make them interesting to watch this season. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get the latest updates.

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