Kanye West is a human being beyond all the antics he’s produced. As for humans, they clearly have rough patches in their lives. Ye’s close associate, Dame Dash, is concerned about him going through such a phase right now.

Dame Dash, a co-founder of Roc-A-Fella, recently visited London. Dash went there to take part in Kick Game’s series about sneaker shopping. There, he was questioned about what he currently thought of Kanye.

“He’s my brother. [We don’t talk] constantly – when he needs me and when I’m worried about him. What you think? I’m worried about him. N-gga, can I ask you a question? Is he bipolar or not, did he tell you that? So if you checked off the boxes of bipolar, is he acting that? So then leave it at that.”

Dash’s words came out profound and deeply touching during the interview. He reiterated his support for Kanye West and called for people to show compassion from their end. He’s worried about people mocking a serious mental health episode in his life.

“If you know a man has a problem and you know he might be checking the boxes off for the symptoms of that problem, why do you judge him as if he doesn’t have a problem? It’s not logical.”

Dash is angry with people laughing at him. He wants the masses to help him recover his chain of thought. Subsequently, he urges everyone to stop putting a camera on his face and rather prescribe a doctor or therapy.

“Why you put the camera on him instead of sending him a prescription or a doctor or some therapist? Let’s have some compassion for a man that may be not so well at that moment. If he told you transparently that he has a problem, respect it. How do you show you’re concerned? You start talking about the ways to help. Instead of asking about what’s wrong with [him], give [him] the cure. We all know the problem.”

Kanye West has recently faced a lot of criticism for donning a “White Lives Matter” shirt. He has offended the public with a number of anti-Semitic remarks. The contentious Drink Champs interview in which Ye claimed George Floyd was killed by fentanyl was the cherry on top of everything.

It’s great to see someone looking out for Ye at all times. For someone who signed Ye to the label in 2002, he has made enough valid reasons for people to listen.

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Anirban Biswas

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