WWE heavyweight Bobby Lashley is working in the ring for almost 20 years. The 46-year-old prominent superstar has experienced a great deal of success during that time, most notably in recent years when he was able to repeatedly capture the WWE Championship. The All Mighty superstar has frankly discussed his potential decision to permanently leave the wrestling industry.

Despite being in his late 40s, Lashley maintains impressive in-ring fitness. He currently doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The former WWE Champion explained what might prompt him to think about leaving the wrestling industry in a recent interview with Not Sam Wrestling show.

Lashley wishes to continue working in the industry for as long as he can. However, if there ever is a time when he is moving a little more slowly and he takes a bump, he will immediately think, ‘Oh no, this hurts coming back up.’ If he starts to feel like he’s slowing down at any time, he would stop.

I’m that guy. That guy [in] the morning workouts. I’m that guy that trains hard. I’m okay with being a role model. I’m okay with all these different things. So I want to stay in the business as long as I can for that reason. But if there ever comes a time where I am running a little bit slower, I am moving a little slower, I take a bump and it’s like, ‘Oh no, this hurts coming back up.’ You’re gonna get that anyway. But if it ever gets to that point where I feel like I’m slowing down then let’s stop.

In recent weeks, the former United States Champion has received a lot of attention on Monday Night RAW as one of the top performers. At the WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, November 5, Bobby Lashley will square off against Brock Lesnar for the title of the company’s toughest star. Check out the full interview below.

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