Ted was a fun movie to watch in 2012. It connected a cord with the fans of the movie and the industry in general. Ted 2, on the other hand, didn’t get the same response in 2015.

Fans missed Mila Kunis during the movie’s running minutes. The movie had its moments, but none compared to what Ted had and the chemistry Mila Kunis had with the main character.

The difference can be felt in Rotten Tomatoes listing. Ted was considered “fresh”, earning a 69% critic’s score and a 73% audience score. Ted 2, on the other hand, dropped to a 44% critic’s score and a 50% audience score, making it certified rotten.

Screen Rant recently noted that the film was missing Kunis for a number of reasons.

Beyond the original narrative approach, there were some practical reasons behind Mila Kunis’ Ted 2 absence. Kunis was also pregnant around the time Ted 2 was due to film, which is another key reason Lori wasn’t featured. Instead, the sequel mentioned John and Lori are divorced, and he later falls for Amanda Seyfried’s lawyer Samantha Jackson. While the follow-up did reasonable business, the gross was less than half of Ted’s haul, putting doubt on a third entry coming together. Although the movie fell short in many respects, Kunis’ absence for both storytelling and then personal reasons certainly didn’t help.

It’s interesting to see that the fans connected with one character from the movie to an extent beyond imagination. While no one could make a reason why, but one thing was missing, and that’s chemistry.

Samantha Jackson who was Amanda Seyfried’s lawyer didn’t feel the part. It looked bad and there was more than the fact that the movie started with a John and Lori divorced angle.

Do you think you would buy out a movie on that angle? Sound off in the comments.

Amit Shukla

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