Ronda Rousey is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion. She conquered the former champion Liv Morgan in an Extreme Rules match at the show of the same name. Naturally, she also has her own opinion about how things should go down within the company.

During her live stream, Ronda Rousey was thrilled to think of her encounter with Liv Morgan. She also thinks that as Logan Paul is an exceptional name outside the WWE, the company should give him a win at Crown Jewel.

I’m going to say this in the best way possible. What they need to do with Logan Paul is make sure he loves this and has an absolutely amazing time and wants to make this his home. Showing up and getting his ass kicked by Bray Wyatt might be what a lot of people want to see but it I don’t think it makes sense.

Honestly, you know what, If I was booking it, I would have Logan Paul beat Roman Reigns. I would. For whatever plethora of reasons, he’s one of the biggest draws right now. You want to be able to put him over. You want to legitimize him. Roman Reigns doesn’t have anybody to feud with right now. That would give Roman Reigns something to do and would actually elevate Roman Reigns to be in a back-and-forth with Logan Paul.

You know when the Bloodline starts ganging up on him, if he’s having a great enough time, he’s going to call his brother in, even the odds, and you can have both of them. If I was booking it, I would make sure Logan Paul is having such a great time that his brother wants to join him too.

You have to put over the new guys. You have to. If I was booking it, Logan Paul looks great, Roman Reigns starts to cheat, the Bloodline gets involved and Jake Paul comes out to even the odds and Logan Paul goes over. It would get people all pissed off, it would get both the Paul brothers involved, it would get them heel.

You have to get them heel as quickly as possible because that’s what they are great at. That’s how I would book it. Then I would make them tag champs. I would take all the gold from Bloodline and give it to the Paul brothers, then the Bloodline fights to get it back and build to Mania.

My goals would be to make sure the Paul brothers have a great fucking time, you put them over hardcore and make it so they want to make this their home. They’re going to making less money doing this than those boxing fights. The only way you’re going to be doing something making less money with your time is because you love it more. They have to basically court them.

Ronda Rousey came into the wrestling scene from UFC and has done her best to be The Baddest Woman on the Planet in the squared circle. Ronda has had exceptional feuds since her debut.

Stephanie McMahon was also one of her opponents. The current Chairwoman and Co-CEO of WWE did her best to make the feud look valuable for the debutant in the WWE.

Ronda believes that while Paul has experience in a WWE ring since he wrestled at SummerSlam and took out The Miz, the glamour his win brings to the WWE is unparalleled. Only time will tell how things turn out in Saudi Arabia on November 5th, but we will certainly be watching closely.

What do you think of Ronda’s comments? Chime in.

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