Soccer like most other games involves a lot of tactics and mind games. However, sometimes tactics go south and things turn ugly. Pro soccer player Geisson Perea recently opted for one of the more unconventional distraction tactics during Sante Fe’s Colombian first-division match against Jaguares.

This past weekend, the professional soccer player pulled down his shorts and flashed his genitalia in the middle of the field in an effort to gain the upper hand over his opponent. The Santa Fe defender named Geisson Perera went extreme in an attempt to make a Jaguares de Córdoba player miss a free kick during a match in Colombia’s top division.

Broadcast cameras captured the moment According to TMZ, Perera approached the assailant as he prepared to fire, grabbed his pants, and displayed his manhood for all to see.

Although it’s unclear whether the incident affected the game because there was no goal after the kick, the crowd was still incensed. Following the game, some Santa Fe supporters demanded that Perera be punished. Others demanded that the team be permanently disbanded.

However, the 31-year-old did not receive a penalty for it all during the game. In spite of everything, the Jaguares prevailed, outlasting Santa Fe 2-1. Check out the picture below.

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Gunjan Nath

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