Jack Black started his acting career by appearing in television advertisements and tiny roles as a youngster in the 1980s. A steady increase of projects for Black during the 1990s included The X-Files, Picket Fences, Northern Exposure, Airborne, Mars Attacks!, and Enemy of the State. In a recent heartwarming video, the actor of Kung Fu Panda and Jumanji recently sang a song from his blockbuster family movie School of Rock to a sick youngster.

School of Rock stars Black as Dewey Finn, a struggling aspiring rock musician who adopts his friend’s identity to work as a substitute teacher at a famous private school. The film was written by Mike White of Orange Country and directed by Richard Linklater of Dazed and Confused. Dewey transforms his class into a rock band by teaching his students the theory and history of the genre after hearing his students playing music over the wall.

School of Rock earned over $130 million at the box office and received acclaim from both critics and fans. In a recent touching video posted by Upworthy, Black is shown serenading a fan who suffers from a rare ailment. The actor met Abraham, a 15-year-old child with Pearson syndrome, a rare mitochondrial disorder, while he was present at a TrinityKids Care fundraising event.

Jack Black continues to service society by rocking!!!🤘🏼♥️ (As once said by his character, Dewey Finn.) @veroz714 @jackblack

Since the release of School of Rock, many viewers have yearned for a follow-up. Black, Linklater, and White reportedly agreed to collaborate once again in 2008 for the film School of Rock 2: America Rocks. Black acknowledged that the movie probably won’t be produced anytime soon, though, following four years of little progress on the project. A sequel might no longer be in the cards given the untimely passing away of actor Kevin Clark, who played drummer Freddy Jones.

Black’s career didn’t really take off into leading man territory until his role as an overly enthusiastic record store employee in the 2000 romantic comedy High Fidelity, which was directed by Stephen Frears. Abraham informed Black that he adores School of Rock and that “In the End of Time” is his favorite track from the movie. Abraham is even given permission to join in as the actor starts singing the song on cue. Watch the heartfelt scene below.

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