Mama Coco is a fictional character from the fantasy film Coco, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Mexican-born. Maria Salud Ramirez Caballero is said to have served as inspiration for Mama Coco’s character The inspiration behind the iconic character sadly passed away at 109.

Caballero passed away in Santa Fe de la Laguna. It’s the same city where she was born more than a century ago. According to TMZ, Roberto Monroy, the state of Michoacan’s secretary of tourism informed about her death.

A cause of death wasn’t disclosed. Monroy remembered her as a “tireless woman and life model.” She became known as “Mama Coco,” named after the Disney/Pixar character of the same name in the 2017 animated film, which is themed around Mexico’s Day of the Dead customs.

Actress Ana Ofelia Murguia provided Mama Coco’s voice. Although the Mouse House hasn’t formally acknowledged Caballero as the inspiration for its title character, according to her family a crew from Pixar visited their area, extensively shot Caballero, and temporarily resided with them.

The family claims that several of the precise structures Pixar/Disney photographed while conducting research for the film appeared in it. Additionally, Caballero’s resemblance to “Mama Coco” is uncannily identical. Despite the fact that she is a local legend, her family stopped requesting recognition or validation from the firm a number of years ago.

Caballero was a potter who worked with clay to create various objects. which she would market to locals. Three of her children are still alive, along with numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. RIP.

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