The rumors of a romance involving 27-year-olds Lil Baby and Chinese Kitty started circulating online. However, the rumors now appear to be pointless, as both parties have shut down internet speculation about any sort of flirtation going on between them.

Earlier this week, the social media star released a brief video of herself and the My Turn rapper on what appeared to be a bowling date. The video was edited from internet blogs and made to appear as though Kitty and Baby enjoyed a brief but intimate time together in between rounds.

Not long after the video went viral, viewers believed that it could find the Guyana-born vocalist in hot water with her rumored new lover. Especially because he allegedly called Saweetie out for similarly uploading him without his consent on her own Instagram. As luck would have it, Baby did appear to respond to the speculation, either that, or he was simply marketing his recently released It’s Only Me album, notably “Not Finished,” on which he raps,

 “She post a picture without my permission, got me in some shit, man, these women is wild / She f*ckin’ niggas, but think I don’t know, that shit really a joke man, lil’ mama’s a clown.”

Not long after that post landed on blogs like The Shade Room, Kitty hopped onto her own Story to shut down any speculation about her and the Atlanta-born rapper. She wrote, “Lol ain’t nothing going on but some innocent bowling at his album release party,” while reposting the initial flirtatious-but-edited clip.

“Smh. The editing for the narrative is crazy.”

While the “LIT BITCH” singer has done her part to clear her name, fans in the comments section aren’t convinced. Check out Chinese Kitty’s explanation below. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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Shubham Banerjee

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