The Rock is a busy man. He has a DC movie up his sleeve that needs promotion, and he is leaving no stone unturned to promote the Black Adam movie before its eventual release to the fans.

The Great One speculated the possibility of a Black Adam vs Shazam during a recent interview. Ajep Arts asked The Rock if wants the franchise to build both comic book characters before they face off.

I said, we can’t do it like this. We have to respect Shazam and his origin story, That has to be its own movie. Respect Black Adam, it has to be its own movie. Build up and then we can do this…The crossovers, they’re going to happen.

Johnson’s been answering questions about Henry Cavill’s Superman since before there was a trailer for Black Adam. That chatter has only increased because of whispers on social media.

During the red carpet for the movie, he’s basically gesturing towards a showdown with The Man of Steel. However, earlier in the process, he assured fans that he was working as hard as possible to get their ducks in a row for an eventual crossover.

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Amit Shukla

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