Wendy is one of the well-known fast food corner that springs to mind, due to its fame. However a Down syndrome sufferer got fired from Wendy, now he will spend one day working as a police officer.

Dennis Peek, a Down syndrome employee who was just fired from Wendy’s, is going to fulfill a lifetime desire by becoming a police officer. It turns out that Dennis is a major fan of “The Andy Griffith Show”; according to his sister Cona Young Turner, he particularly adored Barney Fife, the humorous deputy portrayed by Don Knotts.

Turnerclaimed that because Dennis is acquainted with a number of the law enforcement personnel in the neighboring town of Mount Holly, North Carolina, they appointed him to the force for a single day after learning what happened to him at Wendy’s.

Dennis will reportedly be sworn in on Thursday; once his shift is complete, he will be given a uniform and cap that he can keep. He’ll be busy, riding in a police car, a police boat, and the department’s golf cart to check in on a few businesses.

In case fans have missed it, Dennis’s story went viral after he was let go from the fast food business last week after 20 years of service. Cona stated that supervisors told her Dennis couldn’t perform his duties in a “normal” manner. Dennis is unaware that he has been fired because his family chose to inform him that he is merely retiring.

In addition to his position with the Mount Holly Police Department, Dennis is receiving a retirement send-off party from Stanley, North Carolina, which is also awarding him the key to the city and a memorial plaque. Dennis will finally be able to realize his aspirations. How do you feel about Dennis losing his job? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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